About Me



I started writing when I was 7. The book was called It Came Floating Up. It was inspired by many trips to the beach and watching a few too many episodes of The X-Files with my grandmother. The book was about a monster lurking in the sargasso seaweed just off the coast of Corpus Christi. In the dedication, I wrote:

To my family, who has been there through everything.

I was 7. If only I’d known then what exactly everything would entail.

Since then, I’ve only gotten more dramatic and more obsessed with The X-Files and storytelling.

My books all have one thing in common: they are inspired by some element of truth either in my own life or something I pick out of a headline or a history book. Mostly, though, my writing is inspired by my own experiences and emotions, just blown up on a grander scale with a murder or two to make it exciting.

Just call me the Taylor Swift of psychological thrillers.