Bunny Boilers

Look what you made me do.

Jake Elliot is the kind of man that thinks certain women are a problem. Specifically, women who tell his wife he’s having an affair with them.

When his wife, beloved best-selling romance novelist, Megan finds out, her world shatters. His fellow teacher, and mistress, Natalie, breaks the news to her. Together they find out they aren’t the only women Jake’s involved with.

Things go sideways when the group confronts him, one of them is forced to use a shovel as a weapon, and Jake crumples in a lifeless heap. 

Panicked, and knowing that Jake Elliot has the most powerful family in town, the women know no one would believe it was self-defense. They dump his body deep in the woods on his family's hunting grounds and make it look like a simple accident.

By nightfall, Jake's brother calls Megan and tells her something terrible has happened. They found Jake unresponsive beneath the deer blind and it doesn't look good.

But when she gets to the hospital, there's one small problem.

Jake is alive, and ready for revenge.

Together, the women find themselves in a living nightmare, and Jake Elliot plans to ruin each and every one of these bunny boilers.

But not if they can help it.

If any of them are going down, he's going down with them.




This is a psychological thriller with revenge, jaw-dropping twists, women you want to root for, and a man we've all known.

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This book will release February 5, 2024 if purchased here on MarnieWritesThrillers.com! On February 19, 2024, it will be released on Amazon.

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Delivery of the paperback will come directly from Yellow Truck Media, LLC. It will also ship 2 weeks earlier than the paperback available through Amazon and other distributors. 




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