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Psychological Thrillers 1 - 4 signed copy bundle

Psychological Thrillers 1 - 4 signed copy bundle

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Grab the first 4 psychological thrillers in the Dark and Twisty Psychological Thriller series by Marnie Vinge for 40% off!

The Getaway

Old high school friends reunite on a stormy night in the woods outside of San Francisco and uncover more than they meant to about the fate of their friend at a party 15 years ago.


Kim Karlsen's husband Billy just turned up dead at a swingers' party where she's the host. Everyone has a motive. 4 couples. 7 suspects. 1 murderer. Who can you trust?

For Rosie

What if your best friend was the last victim of a serial killer that went dormant? And what if, after you've done your best to move on with your life, he started killing again? Would you hunt him down and get even?

I Remember Everything

A fall overboard a luxury riverboat leaves Stephanie unsure of her memory in this thriller set on the Amazon. She can't even remember the people she and her husband are traveling with. But she does remember one thing: she didn't fall overboard on accident; someone shoved her. She just doesn't know who or why. Yet.

Over 1,400 combined ratings on Goodreads. Over 800 combined ratings on Amazon

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